Hoffman & Associates – Attorneys at Law, LLC


Tax Preparation

In addition to being a full-service law firm, Hoffman & Associates maintains a stand-alone practice area dedicated to the preparation and filing of all types of tax returns, including gift tax returns, trust returns, partnership returns, corporate returns, and individual returns.

Clients can streamline their business and personal affairs by utilizing the same firm for all their estate planning and tax preparation needs.

Should a state Department of Revenue or the Internal Revenue Service audit a client, our tax attorneys also handle audits.

Tax Controversy

Hoffman & Associates represents clients at every level of tax disputes and litigation, including assessments, audits, court, and appeals. Our Clients include:

Individuals under income tax audit or assessment; Businesses in disputes over corporate taxes; and Estates under IRS audit or examination. We have successfully represented individuals, businesses, and estates before the Internal Revenue Service, the Georgia Department of Revenue, and the Florida Department of Revenue regarding various income, transfer, sales and use, estate, and gift tax matters. Our services help our clients reduce or eliminate taxes owed.

Our team will assist you with estate planning, corporate law and tax matters.