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Business & Tax Planning

Business and Tax Planning

Hoffman & Associates business attorneys are actively involved in every stage of our client’s businesses. We start by assisting clients in selecting and forming the appropriate entity for their business goals and objectives. With the myriad of tax implications and liability issues, selecting not only the entity, but the jurisdiction of the business is crucial. There are real world differences between the different states and between the type of entity, S Corporation, C Corporation, General Partnership, Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Company.

Once the business is formed, Hoffman & Associates helps growing businesses continue operations through tax planning, employment law matters, securities laws, business acquisitions, mergers, reorganizations, liquidations, and maintenance of corporate records.

We offer a full range of transaction and contract drafting to grow your business. Our business and commercial attorneys draft a broad range of business contracts, including commercial leases, franchise agreements, distributor agreements, license agreements, promissory notes, security agreements, asset purchase and stock purchase agreements, employment contracts, non-competition agreements, independent contractor agreements and many, many more.

Hoffman & Associates also maintains corporate minute books and other documents securely for our clients. We pride ourselves on insuring all our client’s actions are documented with all necessary corporate formalities.

Hoffman & Associates represents over 200 corporate clients.

If you have questions regarding our business practice or would like to schedule an appointment to speak with one of our business attorneys, please call or email Hoffman & Associates today.

Our team will assist you with estate planning, corporate law and tax matters.