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Do you owe the IRS money?

Taxpayers may face many challenges when dealing with the IRS and may not understand their tax situation completely or what to do if contacted by the IRS. For example, a taxpayer may file a return that results in a balance due. If the balance due is left unpaid, the balance may be forwarded to the IRS collections division. Depending on the amount of the balance due and whether the taxpayer can pay it in full, the taxpayer may need to discuss the balance with either automated collection services or they may be assigned an IRS revenue officer.

If you owe the IRS it may lead to many unintended consequences. Most taxpayers are unaware of the problems that may result from unpaid tax liabilities. If the taxpayer has a balance due and it is left unpaid, the IRS may attempt to:

  • Assess penalties and interest.
  • File Notice of Federal Tax Lien. This notifies any potential creditors of the government’s legal right to the taxpayer’s property.
  • Place levies on bank accounts and/or wages.
  • Seize assets.

A taxpayer does not have to face these issues alone and can reach out to a tax professional for assistance. A tax professional can help guide the taxpayer in the following ways:

  • Knowledge of the ever changing tax laws.
  • Assistance with communicating and negotiating with the IRS. This can also include representing the taxpayer in IRS meetings and/or appeals.
  • Options to resolve taxpayer tax balances. This typically includes review of the taxpayer’s financial situation and specific circumstances.

Overall, owing the IRS can feel challenging and leave the taxpayers feeling unsure of how to proceed. However, the taxpayer may benefit from reaching out to a tax professional to help guide them through the process.

Hoffman & Associates’ Tabitha Relota is an enrolled agent who specializes in IRS negotiations. If you are having any of the issues above you can reach Tabitha at 404-255-7400.


  • Tabitha Relota

    Tabitha joined Hoffman & Associates as a Tax Accountant in May 2023. Prior to joining our tax team, she worked at The Gartzman Law Firm, P.C. in Atlanta for 13 years. As an Enrolled Agent, Tabitha assists clients with case resolution, including negotiations and representation before the IRS and state tax authorities.

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