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Considerations for Elder Living Options

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By Hunter Moreland, Esq.

As our loved ones make their way into the Golden Years, conversations about assistance with daily tasks begin to surface more and more. It’s never easy, but as people age, many will need help due to physical limitations, mental concerns, or emotional stress. One of the biggest decisions you may have to make is whether an assisted-living facility or home care service is a better fit for your loved one and for your family.

Both options have their benefits and drawbacks, which will be discussed below, but it’s important to note that only you and your family know what is best.


Assisted-Living Facilities provide a more gradual transition from standard home life and traditional nursing homes. Facilities such as these can offer a wide range of services including communal activities, personal care, hygiene assistance, meal services, and medical care. While many of these services can be tailored to the resident, some facilities bill for a minimum level of care regardless of need. This begs the question of cost, which, while often immediately surprising, accounts for all aspects of life that would otherwise cost the individual whether staying at home or not. These facilities are more than happy to work with you and answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding care, and you should endeavor to ask as many as possible.

An alternative option to these facilities, Home Care Services, tend to provide a similar level of care but from the comfort of your loved one’s home. This is often the preferred option for many individuals who need assistance but not necessarily around-the-clock supervision or the intervention of a medical professional. If you feel this is the route for you, the next choice will be to determine whether to obtain these services from an agency or from a private provider.

This next choice often comes down to several key factors, not the least of which involve cost and the ability to locate the right individual for your loved one’s care. As you might imagine, when searching for a home care professional, there is a great deal of vetting that must be done. Good news is this search can be done by a home care agency and in most cases, with the ability to select a new home care professional if your initial choice is not a good fit. Further, the degree of services offered by an agency vs. a private provider can vary greatly. First and foremost, not all agencies take insurance nor do private providers, and depending on your insurance, the type of care your loved one receives will vary. For example, some insurance carriers will cover assistance with dressing and therapy, but not escorting to appointments. Finally, should you choose a private provider whose services are more narrowly tailored, the hourly rate may be much higher. Ultimately, you want to get as much information as possible about potential home care provider, whether that be from friends and family, interviews, or even online reviews.

With so much to consider, it can be difficult to make the right choice for your loved one.  Remember to do as much research as possible and be transparent with each other at all times. Most importantly, include your loved one in the process to make this life-altering decision the right one for all. Finally, make sure these services are available within your area and that all finances are considered for the proper level of care. It’s a tough conversation to have, but a necessary one, and no one is better suited to make it than you, your loved one, and your family.


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