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Love Letter

The downloadable Love Letter below was created to help our clients fill the gap between what they want their loved ones to know and the contents of their Last Will and Testament. The Letter should serve as a guide to your loved ones to make the administration of your estate easier. Emotions run high after a loved one passes, so we truly value the importance of excellent pre-death planning to ensure the estate administration process is as seamless as possible.

The Love Letter can be as broad or as narrow as you wish. You will see we have included places for you to write the names and contact information of those professionals with whom you have worked so that documents, tax returns, bank records, and the like can be easily accessed. In this modern era of the internet and social media, including usernames and passwords are also crucial. Writing down the location of important papers will save your loved ones time. As many people use a safety deposit box to store their important papers, it is crucial to let loved ones know where the box is and how to access it. Naming a child as an authorized user on the box will prevent any issues with access to your important papers at death.

The Love Letter includes an opportunity for you to express your wishes concerning your burial or cremation wishes, any ceremony music, readings, or other preferences. These items do not fit neatly within the parameters of a legal Last Will and Testament, but sharing with your family your desires regarding these matters ensures your wishes are respected.

Of significant importance to many clients is the personal property section. In many families, items of personal property (jewelry, art, furniture, etc.) hold the sentimental value that stocks and bonds just do not. All of our wills include a reference to a personal property memorandum, which gives you the opportunity to create a list of your items of personal property and to whom you wish they be passed. As your family grows and your items change, you can update the list as you wish without the need to revise your will. Being able to give your heirloom engagement ring to your oldest granddaughter is such a meaningful gift. Our Love Letter includes this section as a reminder to our clients that this provision exists in their wills, and that we encourage you to make your wishes known.

Finally, we have left space for you to write your loved ones whatever it is you wish that they know after you are gone. This can be anything from favorite memories, guidance regarding the assets you have left in your will, business or family advice, or simply a love note that they can cherish long after your passing.

While this document is not required as a part of a valid estate plan and will not override the terms of a Last Will and Testament, we provide it to our clients as a service so that the burden of estate administration can be as easy as possible. If you have any questions about this document or wish to speak with us about creating your estate plan, we would love the opportunity to speak with you. Warmest regards, Hoffman and Associates.

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