Planning 2016: Sophisticated Charitable Giving

mary_croppedSignificant tax savings can be achieved through a properly planned program of gifts to charity. Although a contribution may be motivated by humanitarian reasons, it is nevertheless wise to take the tax considerations into account when making a contribution. Charitable giving can be divided into two general categories. First, there are donations that are made on a regular basis and involve relatively small amounts. Second, there is the large extraordinary donation often associated with estate planning. Different planning concepts govern each type of donation.

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Georgia Education Expense Tax Credits: Do Not Wait!

June is the new November The Georgia Dept. of Revenue is approving education expense tax credits at 3½ times the rate for 2011. As of Mar. 16, the DOR had approved $8.6 million in tax credits. In 2011, the tax credit cap was met in November. This year, the cap is likely to be met in June—if not sooner. In 2011, 2,700 Georgia taxpayers were denied participation in the education expense tax credit program. Don’t let this happen to you in 2012! Apply today for your tax credit approval.